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Thank you for looking in on our newly refreshed website. We hope you will find it interesting, invigorating and even inspiring in a modest fashion. Without doubt most site visitors are looking to see how they might benefit from the many business opportunities that are to be had by joining the hundreds of busy ‘guests’ already enjoying residence within one or other of the business centres described here. Even if this is your prime purpose for entering the site please spare a little extra time to explore other interesting aspects of our multi-faceted group – your curiosity could bring its own rewards!

At first glance the various aspects of the site may seem widely disparate but to understand why this should be so one needs to know more about the man responsible for it all. Joe Muscat has, from personal experience, gained a great understanding of the frustrations and vicissitudes facing entrepreneurs set on turning their own visions into realities. After all, he has been there himself. From his early days in the printing industry in west London, where his own dreams suffered a number of hard knocks that might have deterred other less determined individuals, he picked himself up and went on to greater things. Subsequently, with a growing list of top-name clients in his portfolio, went on to establish a point-of-sale specialist business and a marketing company. Development of one of his companies into the country’s leading screen-printing machinery business enabled Joe to explore the world of fine art more fully and this remains a key interest of his fascinating background to this day.

Always quick to recognise business opportunities he saw a market gap that led to the adoption of the business centre model that resulted in being the first to rent out flexible modular industrial units in the UK. Joe’s vision saw the acquisition of increasingly large industrial sites that might otherwise have become derelict and turning them into thriving hives of activity. He found great personal satisfaction in helping literally hundreds of new-start businesses flourish and thereby provide thousands of extra jobs. All this was jeopardised when fate dealt a double blow in the early 90s when, firstly, a near fatal accident saw the assets sold off following a decision to retire from active business life to the south of France closely followed by being diagnosed as having diabetes to a level that would require maximum insulin for the rest of his life.

Within weeks of his ‘retirement’ boredom got the better of him. Joe couldn’t resist starting again by buying a site in Milton Keynes that was twice the size of the one he’d sold in Northampton! The same fighting spirit saw Joe refuse to accept conventional wisdom regarding a life of insulin dependency and, as detailed on another of the pages here, he worked hard to prove the medical professionals wrong. Another success followed and he no longer needs insulin. Small wonder that Joe’s interests extend well beyond pure business matters, although it must never be forgotten that, without a sound financial base, it would be that much harder to give hope and help to others.

Currently the C J Muscat Group holds ten sizeable buildings housing 250 individual units. Additionally, having secured the biggest complex to date, a three and a half acre site just one mile from J14 of the M1, another 150 new or expanding businesses will soon provide a thousand more jobs in the MK area. The Interchange Business Centre, as it is to be known, is already being hailed as a ‘force for good’ locally and serves to show that Joe’s good work is far from done.

Now read on and enjoy the rest of the site.

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Posted on Sat, Jul 17, 2010